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Why Eyebag (Incl Malar Festoon Bags) Occurs | Wake Up Sleeping Muscles To Lift Up The Skin

The muscle, eye muscle here, starts sagging. One, two, three fat start dropping and show as eye bag.


Hi Everyone. Today, I'm going to talk about how to reduce or prevent eye bag especially bigger one, like malar bags. First, let me explain why that happens. First, this is your eyeball, eyeball right? And around the eyeballs to protect this. There's a fat around in the eye socket, around the eyeball, but with the age and gravity, this eye the fat start dropping and show as eye bag. And also the eye socket become bigger with facial osteoporosis and all the muscle eye muscle here start sagging. So to prevent this unnecessary fat, we have a lower eyelid lift up or AKA lower eyelid squat exercise. If you haven't watched that, please do so because that's important, but today's one is different. It's going to be more bigger muscle. This lower eyelid is this little aegyo sal area, right? And this today's exercise will be bigger muscle, especially outer one here.

Try to close. But when you close, not just regular closing, but try to lift up the lower eyelid and forget about the upper eyelid. Even though upper eyelid moves, try to really lift up the lower eyelid only especially this outer one. So let's try index finger in that inner corners here. And then a little bit lift up and the outside thumb is a little bit lift up as well. Like this, but no wrinkle like no, no, no, no wrinkle wrinkle. No, no, this is bad. Don't wrinkle. And you don't want to do like this. And it's causing more wrinkle here and the eye skin is very thin. So you don't want to stretch too much so minimum, but if you stretch more, you get more resistance. So it's a good training. So just a little bit up but, no, this is too much. This is too much causing a wrinkle here, right?Yeah. Don't no wrinkle. Be careful, no wrinkle and a little bit up in a little bit up. And then my case, I have a tendency to cause wrinkle to in, in, in. So a little bit out a little bit and then lower eyelid lift up one, two, three, four, five, and relax again. One, two, three, four, five, relax, three more stretch. And then one, two, three, four, five. Are you feeling the outer lower, this area, please, this is the most important thing. And then two more stretch out then squint, but no wrinkle. One, two, three, four, five,almost close your eyes, but don't completely close. And then last one, I'm tired. Shoulder down, not like this.

You don't want to, you don't want to have any other tension. Then, one, two, three, four, five.Basically the most important thing is you really try to lift up here. Here, here, no, here, no here but here outer one.I'm a not big fan of stretching the skin except here and here. So what about here? You're stretching. Yes.That's why there's a limit only like five seconds and then relax in the five seconds. Relax, five seconds,each time and then five times. So five seconds, uh, each time and five times per day only. Do not do more than that because you don't want to stretch the thin skin. Again, the most important thing is here and here. Outer one. This is the one we are trying to lift up.So when you, when you squint, when you lift up your lower eyelid here, especially here, um, try to don't don't think about anything about the upper eye lid, because upper, I mean, eyelid moves and both moves, but you don't have to do anything about this. You have to do something about this, but not this, even though both moves.

So it's not regular squinting, but really lifting up the outer, lower eyelid area even and it's not really eye lid, um, outside of eye this one. If you haven't got this yoga paper yet, please free download on our website, and the book is available. Sugar is, sugar oil is available, not just regular sugar. The sugar oil for the skin is available, App is available, and the AI Koko is available. So if you have any questions, please ask the robot. If, because if the robot cannot answer, I will answer. Thank you so much.

See you in the next video. Bye.
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