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Why Faces Become Longer With Age

Today I like to talk about why our face becomes longer with and how to stop it.

The mouth is slightly open

If your mouth is open all the time, you're probably doing it even when you're sleeping. And that's the reason why your face is so long. Plus, the tongue is probably down. So it's really pressing down all the time. Just remember this: when your mouth is closed, your jaw is like this angle and not like this angle. It's a lot more relaxed. Your face looks much more balanced and proportional than when your mouth is open. So if you want to look younger and prettier, try to keep your mouth closed for as long as possible!

Physically stretching face up and down

Your whole face is always moving. You're always making expressions and using your muscles, so of course, your face is going to change a little bit over time.
I'm talking about the first up stretch. The frontalis muscle is what we call red, which means it's working hard all the time. That's why it's longer than the other ones—it's working harder! But what if you could train yourself to use these muscles less often?

If you're not surprised 30 times per day (and who is?), then you don't need your facial muscles to be as long as they are now. If you do this more often, even when you're not surprised, it will make them longer and thinner so that they look more natural.

Skin is saggy

If you're wondering why your face is longer than it used to be, the answer is that your skin is saggy. The reason behind the saggy skin isn't so much gravity as it is muscle. The more you use this neck muscle or those muscles, the more they'll drag your skin downward, creating a sagging look. This tension goes from this neck muscle onto the skin, which causes it to start sagging. Another thing that can contribute to facial osteoporosis is facial osteoporosis (or "facial bones" becoming smaller). When these bones shrink, there's a lot of excess fat and excess skin that results in saggy because before my bone was bigger—so now there's much excess skin and fat!

We've all heard that your face gets longer as you age. In fact, it's a very common complaint among people in their 70s and 80s. But did you know there are three simple ways to keep your face from getting longer? First, make sure your mouth is closed! If you leave it open, it will set the jaw in a position that makes it look longer.
Second, stop using these muscles masseter, mentalis, and neck muscle. They'll help keep your face short and adorable! Finally, stop stretching downward—especially with your skin! It'll only sag more and make you look older than you really are.
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