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Why soft swallow matters

The doctor who told me the importance of soft swallowing, she showed me how before, after she had the big hole here, but it's gone.

Hi everyone. Today. I'm going to talk about why soft, swallowing matters. After I published the video about soft mew and hard mew. I was reading all the comments and the our friend G's comment Inspired me to do this video. In summary soft mew is when your face is resting soft suction. And a little bit harder mew is in my understanding when you swallow, eat or drink or saliva or something is swallow something a little bit harder, not too much, but a little bit up thing. And the hard, hard mew is only when you do like a very hard exercise. I mean, body exercise, like, like this. And I realize that I would like to talk about this. So when your face, when, um, when you swallow something water or something, please drink water or eat something and swallow. If you have something to do. And the tongue is like a little bit, a little bit, right? But, and then one thing when you like to be careful is that when you swallow the neck should not be moving. Shoulders should not be moving. Very often, I see people do like this when you drink something, something. I'm exaggerating of course, but I learned this soft mew importance of soft mew from doctor who's working with me to develop the method. So it's not just my opinion, but people do like see lots of tension.

Even if you think the shoulder is not moving, you might have a lot of tension in the neck like this. This is not good. This is not good because the more tension you have the horizontal, uh, not horizontal vertical one. You gonna, you gonna have it. You gonna have a big line, this one, and that makes you look old and you gonna get hole in here. So let me try with the real water and check my neck. See a little bit moving because I'm swallowing water. It's a object. So of course it moves a little, but I'm trying not to move the neck or shoulder. So let's do bad example is like this.

You might be doing not, your shoulder might not be moving just the neck, neck version, neck only version. Yeah, this is not good example. Good example, I think is a little bit, a little bit moves, but not too much. So please everyone drink water or something and then try, check your mirror to make sure that your neck is not overacting overworking. Let me introduce the logic behind this. So every time your neck is overacting and the shoulder is up because this neck area is content connected to this DAO depressor anguli oris. This is the one, this is the one who is gonna drop everything down. So the chin gets a lot of tension and that cause, because it's saggy, you get more jawl. Because it's saggy, you get more nasolabial fold. Because it's saggy, you get more saggy face, saggy cheeks. And everything it's like being pulled down. If you wanna lift up the face, doesn't make sense to develop this muscle, right? We need to relax this muscle and this neck muscle too, because neck and this area is like one piece it's connected. But if you're doing this,

This one overacting and then it's gonna overwork pull down. That's why soft swallowing is very very important. I did another video about how to remove this vertical line. So if you haven't checked that, please check it out. Because even if you don't have the line yet, it's gonna come. Especially if you are more skinnier type. If you have a lot of fat and then it might not show as much as other people, but if you are regular, regular body type like me or a little bit skinnier than me, or could be a little bit more chubby than me, but still you might get it. So it's better not to. It's better to stop the bad hard swallowing habit. Before, before this line happens. The doctor who told me the importance of soft swallowing, she showed me how before, after she had a big hole here, but it's gone because she stopped soft.

Uh, she stopped hard swallow and switched to soft swallow. In summary, shoulder and neck should be relaxed at all time. In my next video, I'm gonna talk about five scenes in your daily life that you might be doing thing unnecessarily. So check it out If you're interested in. But in the meantime, if you haven't checked our face yoga app yet, please try it because it's free download and three day free trial available for one year subscription. And I'm doing also instructor certification course If you're interested in learning how to teach face yoga. So check out, check out my website see in the next video. Thank you so much bye.
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