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Why Teeth Matters For The Face

Just assume like this, and then the last one is taken out. Of course, it bent inside in right? So that changed the facial, facial appearance.

Hi everyone. Today, I'm going to talk about how and why teeth matters for the face. As you may know I did collaboration video with Doctor Afzali, thank you so much. That was amazing. And she's very, uh, one of the top functional dentist. So if you haven't watched the video, please do. But today's video is going to be my interpretation. Three reasons that I, I think why teeth matters for the face.

Number one, wisdom teeth. So if you have wisdom teeth, wisdom teeth, and thinking about wisdom teeth extraction, please, please, please watch my the video with Dr. Afzali, because it's so important. I don't want you to regret that thing. So, yeah. Anyway, if she said the more teeth, the better more teeth, the better, but if you have taken out the wisdom teeth. This is my shopping bag, but let's say this is your face cheek area. And then there many teeth, but when the teeth let's say, this is your teeth, this is your teeth. And then when the one, one last one is taken out, no, no, no. The last one is taken out. Of course, change the shape, right? Like this, like this or this, this or this, see this, let's just assume like this. And then the last one is taken out. Of course it bent inside in, right? So that changed the facial, facial appearance. I was reading the comments on the video. And one or two people were mentioning the same thing that they had taken out wisdom teeth, and they regret because the face become more thin, thinner, more, um, not fuller, what's the word the opposite of fuller more like this. Of course like this or this, this become less. If the last wisdom teeth is taken out, right? Anyway, if you have already taken out wisdom teeth and you, and if you're concerned about the facial structure, you might wanna talk to functional dentist like Dr. Afzali.

Number two, teeth alignment matters because I mean, first of all, if you have bad teeth alignment, which means your tongue posture is wrong, probably, very likely that you're not doing the correct tongue posture that's why you get bad teeth alignment. Um, for example, your, your teeth is touching the upper teeth and, uh, over bite or, I mean, this is over bite and this is under bite, under bite might happen only right side only left side only, or many reasons. I'm not dentist, I cannot talk more. But I mean, yeah. So tongue posture is super important for the face, right? If you haven't watched the video, please do because super, super, super duper important for the beautiful face to have a correct tong-tongue posture. And the other thing is that, um, core muscle. I mean, this area is like a core for the face. So if the foundation, which is a core, is dis-aligned. And then of course, you're gonna get more asymmetrical face or not fav, fav, favorable facial facial, facial structures, as you want, because this is like a core core. Your face is on top of this bones, including the teeth. So if this is a bumpy, you gonna get bumpy face.

Number three, I would like to talk about dominant, dominant side, dominant chewing, dominant chewing so everyone has dominance right, ah dominant hand, non-dominant hand, dominant eye non dominant eye, even nose has dominant side and non-dominant side. So very likely that you might have dominant side. If you keep, let's say this is your dominant side and chewing on the dominant side. uh, uh, uh, uh, uh. So much tension and less tension that causes lots of asymmetry. So if you haven't watched my how to eat video for symmetrical face, please do so because it's very important. But anyway, I'm saying that if you keep doing using this side over developed less developed. And then the, in addition to asymmetrical face, I think I have a hypothesis. So if this is, uh uh, uh. This come out cause it's being pulled from this overworking muscle uh, uh, uh. And then you might get more crow's feet because uh, uh, uh. And even when you smile, it's more like this, this is together.

This is more loose. So if you're concerned about asymmetrical crow's feet, check your teeth, check your eating pattern and you might be chewing on this side only. And then you get more crow's feet and eye is more sagging like this, and this is more up and this is normal could be like that. So please check speaking of asymmetrical face when the, when your teeth is like this this, this should be straight [inaudible]. If something like that is happening in in fact, it's a little bit asymmetrical my teeth as well, too. But and if that is really a big different, big difference, you cannot have, we cannot have symmetrical face. It's kind of impossible because this is like a core area, right? So if you're concerned about the asymmetrical face and then your teeth is very like this, like this, or lots of things happening, I suggest you go to see not just regular dentist but functional dentist like Dr. Afzali. I don't get any commission or affiliate or anything by promoting her business, but I really believe her. So please check the information. Oh right. That is it for today. So if you have not got this yoga paper yet, please download it free download on my website The sugar oil is available. AI Koko is available for you to answer your question. If the robot cannot answer, I will answer. And the app is available. It offers great exercise for your concern. It's a personalized menu which we really proud of. So please try that. Just search koko face yoga app and your review will be really appreciated on Apple store, Apple store and play Google play.

Thank you so much see on the next video.
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