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Why You Should NOT Wear Heavy Earring Glasses

Hi everyone today I'm going to talk about some accessory items that you might be wearing and it can be skin damaging. One of the item that I hear from my, the comments in the description on YouTube they're asking about glasses I mean not this kind of sunglasses but the regular glasses I don't have regular glasses reading glasses so I don't know but for example if you are wearing some heavy glasses reading glasses not this sunglass but reading glasses and if it's heavy it can be damaging because the weight is on the soft tissue that cartridge is softer than regular bone right so if you keep wearing it it's like really push pushing down down down down so that area might have a little bit like a bent or some kind of more not smooth or more flat so if you are wearing some heavy glasses you might want to change it to lighter one.

Another thing I'm concerned about is a heavy earrings like this, I mean this is not that heavy as other people use but some people sometimes people is really huge earrings or pierce and the thing and the thing bothers me is that if the item is very very heavy if this is like really heavy and then this ear sag right? and what what happens is when this is really sagging what do you think saggy or no saggy, saggy or no saggy which one looks younger? no saggy or saggy? When this is sagging I think it's like the ears are sagging on the both side of your head and then that makes you look more saggy face.

Same thing it's just a visual effect but if something is sagging down down if there's a arrow on here your face look saggy it's just a visual thing but this and then if you keep wearing something heavy, this is like being and a saggy and then you look saggy.

I heard that in Chinese facial something if you have big ear means you're you are rich or you're successful or something so that's good but for beauty purpose that I teach I not a big fan of big big ear because it should be if you have big ones you can look saggy and your face look bigger too so I do not suggest wearing a big earring.

If you want to wear it for some special occasion just limit the the timing the time you wear and just as quick as quickly as possible you take it off so that you do not have a heavy stuff here.

Please ask me any questions on the comment below so that I can ask in video I cannot answer individual questions on my writing there but I read everything and I try to answer on the video so as usual if you're interesting other exercises visit my website Koko face to free download the Yoga paper, sugar oil and the book is here and we are publishing lots of really good useful information on our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and the app is launched App Store, Android in the fire TV so on and what else rock is coming up so please stay tuned. Thank you so much! See you in the next video! Bye!
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