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Why You Should Relax Chin | How To Relax Chin For Antiaging | Reduce Wrinkles And Sagging

Hi everyone, today I'm going to talk about why we need to relax gym to me relaxing chin is so important but if I talk about it people really don't get it because it's not really talked about and I think this this concern this having tension in the chin is one of the underrated under looked, under looked issue that we should do really think it, be aware of it. There are three reasons why you are you should really think about relaxing chin.

Number one, so many aging concerns happen worsens because if you keep having a lots of tension in the chin so let me explain this this is overarching muscle and sleeping myself to muscles and this one is all working muscle e-e-e this one is over working working working in general and if that's happening all the time it's really played down down down so when that the muscles are played being pulled down you get more line, more jaw, more sagging like everything is like down down down you want to lift up the skin but if this is like opposite you're not lifting down that's the skin right if this overworking your muscles muscles are all working so that's why it's very very very important to relax this chin area.

Another reason that you should really think about the relaxation and if you're concerned about TMJ pain here when you open your mouth, you are having my you might hear some sound clicking sound or pain if that's the case you have a TMJ symptom pain it's not good so then if that's the case even if you don't have it the less you use this area the better for TMJ even if you don't have it as a preventative method.

Number three, if you're concerned about the asymmetrical face asymmetrical chin especially like me less using the chin the better because if there's dominant sides and non-dominant side actually this is dominant I think so if you keep using the chin that's over working muscle especially the dominant one and yeah of course you're gonna get you're gonna worsen the asymmetrical chin.

Interesting story that I learned in Japan is that at the voice training place for TV caster or something we say a i u e o in Japanese a i u e o and they use to teach o.. when you say o… or and use put that move that chin o… or down o… but this is not the latest technique we learned that the area to resonate the sound is nasal cavity like around here not the throat so you don't have to read it or the they output the shape of the mouth doesn't matter to sound better they say so you don't have to really use that if this or and try to use more upper muscle instead of lower muscle even worse trainers they teach that.

So let's talk about how to fix it, how to relaxed chin. One of the exercise that I really liked it I used to do a last year not anymore because I kind of mastered it but I did this this one and if you're interesting this how to do it right just start to relax chin on my YouTube channel and you find the old video house do this exercise that's one thing and the other one is tongue posture you already guys know about the importance of tongue posture right? so I'm not gonna talk about it but sucking it up by doing so we are having tension in the more here instead of here which is very very important if we haven't watched the tongue posture video please search as well on my YouTube there are lots of tutorials about tongue good how to keep good tongue posture.

So the things I would like to talk about today is not that particular exercise or tongue posture but fixing regular regular lifestyles, facial muscle movement habit. In our regular daily life we make lots of facial expression we use a lot of facial muscles and there are three things I started being very very careful about it one is when I yawn I used to yawn and using so much muscle and I realized that this is not good because I'm really pulling down I'm overworking the over working muscle so it's normal that people we do your when you do and then literally read down but the way right now I yawn is I still move here but not and not as much as before so even when I yawn I try to smile it's kind of so weird don't you might not want to do in public actually doing publicly because it's just like my habit I don't notice it but every time I yawn yawn, I do like like this it's so weird at the beginning but now it's like my habit so I don't really realize it that I'm doing it so instead of yawning and oh and they're using the chin muscle, yawn while smiling or smile while while yawning.

Number two, another thing drinking when you drink water or tea or something I do drink a lot of water every day and I realized that this was like I've been was thinking about this for the past like two and a half years but every time I drink something so many wrinkles which means so many tensions happening here and I didn't know how to fix it but now I'm kind now what I'm doing is that when you drink it's like this, instead of it and pulls your wrinkle, smile a little bit, smile a little bit and then drink it and then still still a little bit tension happens here but much less than before if I keep smiling when I'm when I'm drinking and then it's time to sucking time to sucking motion is actually easier when you swallow you have to try this if you if you want to understand better so put some water and show you there's no water here so I'm gonna use this then… like this, yeah I mean this is a peck so you wanna see sorry but anyway um when you drink something try to smile a little bit to read and then you should feel the difference you're not having attention in the chin and then keep it then still a little bit tension happens otherwise I spill the water but much less tension than before if you keep smiling and then tap sucking that the tongue sucking thing is much easier for me when you when I swallow.

Number three, eating, lift up eating system, so if you have taught me a long time you might not lift up during system to to to to to to to to to to to to to thing but if you don't know what it is check my channel just search how to eat or something like that but the thing I if I I realize that if I have a big portion and then I have to open my mouth bigger oh and using this muscle again so now I'm what I'm trying to do is smaller pieces put in their mouth so that I don't have to open my mouth bigger as big as before and of course put this stuff in the pipe to the both the corner of the mouth yeah here and then end of the mouth end of the end of them end of the teeth yeah then instead of using here not like this right lift up chewing system and then of course when you swallow the food time is up.

I'm sorry that that way I explain what might not be very easy for you to understand because I'm not really of the nest yet but if you're interested in really trying to relax the chin which i think is very very important it's underrated under looked so if you want to prevent any aging symptoms and reduce any changes symptom check your chin you might be having a lot of chin tension. In my, personally my phone has this mirror my Apple watch used to have mirror filter but it's gone I have to go back to Japan to buy it I'm actually going to Japan next month very excited yeah and I checked my chin everywhere oh my because I have mirrors everywhere anyway yawning, smile yawning, smile drinking, lifting up chewing eating system.

If you're interested in, if you're in just not exercises check my website Koco face to free download, this yoga paper and the book and the sugar oil and app is available the YouTube with the this contents is available on fire TV, Amazon fire TV I'm working a rocker right now which is very exciting and I have actually a new exciting event ad with a dermatologist doctor in I think next month and the one in Tokyo as well so which is very exciting so stay tuned with us and just follow our you not just YouTube but Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social media as well. Thank you so much! See you in the next video! Bye!
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