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Why Your Lower Lip Should NOT Be Bigger Than Upper Lip

Ooh, ooh. I think it's waste of time, waste of money. Midline.

Hi everyone. Today, I'm going to talk about why your lower lip should not be bigger than upper lip. This is not my opinion. Yes, it is my opinion too, but it's it's uh, this is the result of some study about attractive facial attractive face. But I believe there are two reasons mainly that I would like to talk about why your lower lip should not be bigger than upper lip.

Number one, probably your tongue is sitting on the bottom chin, not the upper palate. I'm gonna exaggerate bad posture with the not doing mewing. So the tongue is down. So probably like bad posture, chin is sticking a little bit like down or out. Then when you close your mouth, it's hard to close. So because it's longer. So the mentalis muscle the chin muscle has to work so hard extra, so hard work, harder work.So it's harder to close your mouth. If it's, if the tongue position is not good and there's like a lower lip is hanging because you are using mentalis muscle excessively, rather than orbicularis oris muscle, this lip muscle. So super, super duper important to have good tongue posture. If you haven't watch my other video about, about tongue posture or mewing please watch it. By the way, when you have a good tongue posture, I want to think about midline. What is midline? You cut myself yourself, and there's a straight line here to the bottom. Everything is in one straight line. So imagine that there's a straight line in the middle of the body. That's why we call it midline. So midline go through tongue middle of the tongue, tongue and the middle midline is coming through the tongue and then ppp ppp. And then here. Not here,here, here, here but in the middle. And if you think about the midline, it's really easy to have keep good tongue, good tongue posture and the body posture at the same time.

Reason number two, this is visual thing, but people pay attention to something big, something big like eyes and cheeks. Those areas are really big, big area for the face. So people pay attention to people are drawn to those, the big area. And then if the, for example, if the lower lip is so big, way bigger than the upper lip and people pay unconsciously, people pay attention to the lower lip. Then your face look longer even if it's not. In general with age, face become longer. So longer face makes you look older. You, if you want to look younger and fresh, you don't wanna have attention in the lower area in the face, including the lower lip, upper lip is fine.Lower lip is not highly recommended.

So now let's do one exercise to make upper lip fuller, but not lower lip. I did this exercise before in my YouTube channel. So you might have done it. You might know it, but let's do it again. First, just vibrate the cheeks, not like bigger the better, and then simply close your mouth upper and lower like close your mouth, inside the mouth upper teeth, lower teeth should not be touching and tongue is up. Are you okay? Yup! And then let's do 10 seconds, but really try to try to press the upper lip, upper philtrum area and the lip area, forget about the lower one. Lower one if you think about the lower one, you gonna cause the mentalis work too hard. So I want you to focus on the upper one. So gently close your mouth and then upper teeth, lower teeth not touching, tongue is up and use your finger to lift up the corners of the mouth a little bit and feel tension on the upper lip. Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm.

Then release the tension. As I want to have fuller lip and don't want to do filler. So I tried to do this exercise almost everyday. I should do every day, but Oh, I do almost every day. This is a hard training. So if you don't feel fatigued, you are not pressing hard enough. By the way, if you have considered filler I don't think you need to do in the lower lip. I see some people who have big huge, lower lip filler. I mean the filler in the lower lip. I don't, I think it's waste of time, waste of money because you don't wanna have fat, lower lip. You wanna have fat upper lip only. If you haven't got the yoga paper yet, please do so it's free download available on the website and the app is available we adding cool new features ongoing. So please stay tuned. And AI Koko is available for any question if the if the robot cannot answer, I will answer and what else? The book and sugar oil is available on the website. So see you on the next video, thank you so much bye.
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