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Why your Right is sagging

Stretched out. That's why I have the, my eyes are higher and this is longer. And then slowly come back. Now it's a little bit more flat.

Hi everyone. Today, I'm going to talk about why your right side is sagging. If you are left saggy people left saggy, and then please do watch the my recent video about why your left it's sagging. It's very interesting, but if you are right saggy people, I might have found some solutions. So check it out. In fact, I am right saggy person, so this is very important for me personally. I've been talking with some doctors to study more. And as of now, this is my opinion. The reason why you're right side is sagging. Might be your head is rotated, tilted to the left side. In fact, it's not just this, but body is more like, like this. Your shoulder is up it's more have lots of tension here because everything is like this. And then your right shoulder is down see? And my face is this is like longer stretched out.

That's why I have the, my eyes are higher and this is longer. So it's like this. So let's talk about the three solution that I think works as of now. But of course I've been studying with doctors and learning from you guys too. So I will keep you guys updated. Number one, stop sitting or standing on the left. So as I said, probably you're doing like this, this posture, right? So you, um, very likely that have more pressure standing, sittting always this side left side. So you have to stop that. It's the same idea as, uh, the previous, not the previous one that the why you are left is saggy video, but stop doing like this. You don't wanna do, you don't have to do the military straight all the time. You wanna do this or this just go around 50% each. If you have a habit to do like this all the time, I mean, personally, I don't like this, but if you have to do it, do this, this and this and alternate both side and also the crossing legs, if you wanna do it, you might be, if you're left stand, you might be the upper, the right side.

Right arm is on top of left. You might be doing that. So alternate, I mean, personally, I don't like sitting crossing legs I don't, I try not to do it, but if you have to do just alternate. Number two, stretch your neck like this, because the reason why you get this stretch is this right? So you just simply wanna stretch the neck the 45 degree. You can use your finger. If you, if you want, if you want to make it more effective, you can do like this. And the 45 degree and 10 seconds let's do everyone one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. And the other one I like is this. So this is 45 and this trapezius, and then you can do more like up and then SCM. This is stretched you wanna stretch here too cause lots of tension. So the more like inner one like this, and then you don't necessarily have to do the hand though up to you.

But then one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, and slowly come back. And then you wanna stretch the back of the neck and then come out, come back. Speaking of a neck stretched, you might wonder the dao story. If you haven't watch the dao, please do. Because interesting and dao is the one who drags down right? And that's the cause of this. We did the neck exercise in the past, in the video, but I mean, there are many, many reason that many things happen and there's no simple answer for everyone. Cause everybody's different. That's why I hope you find a good, some, some example that applies to you and you find a good solution. So not all the exercises are introduced work for everyone. It's not like that because everybody's different. Number three, tongue position so, let me bring the my tongue wait this one.

So, because I'm left stand- standing people, standing person like this. So I have more pressure pressure gravity here. So my tongue is all more left side left side. This one, like this, like this. Yeah, so I knew that I have a habit to do this. So I have, I knew that I have to make it flat, flat like this. So on the both side, when the, when you're doing mewing, it should be 50% pressure, 50% pressure. I mean, I don't know the pressure is the right word, but uh, the, the idea is that flat, not this, not, not this but this, right? Yeah. So it's hard to do it. It's hard to fix it. I was wondering how to fix it. I did some research asking around and, um, I had kind of found that, discover the tip to fix it, to make it more symmetrical tongue position. So, because of this is a problem. If I wanna have more tongue on this side, on purporse, I tilt on this side on purpose and then feel, move the tongue a little bit on this side and then make it a little bit flat. And then slowly come back.

Now it's a little bit more flat. What do you think please try it. Because asymmetrical tongue posture, asymmetrical mewing It's not really much talked about it. But it's so important for a symmetrical face. Because tongue is lifting this maxilla the yellow one, which is really like center of the face. So if this is tilted, of course, you've got your face is gonna tilted. And I'm going to do another dedicated video, how to fix asymmetrical mewing or asymmetrical tongue posture video so stay tuned. Anyway, let's do it again. So my tongue is more this side because of this bad posture. So I intentionally tilt on the other side, right side to fix the tongue more flat and then come back and it's more flat now. And of course you try to keep that flat tongue posture as long as possible. Off topic but this is the reason why I like sleeping on the back.

If you are this side, your tongue and sleeping, the side sleeping, your tongue might be this right side and more in that. That's really not good. And if this side sleeping and tongue there's a gravity is pulling the tongue down. So your tongue might be resting on the left side. So in order to make it really flat. That's why I like back sleeping, even though I'm still struggling and I'm still practicing though, no one is perfect. So it's okay. As long as we keep trying and improving little by little by little by little, by little by little it's accumulated in a big improvement. If you haven't got our face yoga app, please try it. It's a free download and three day free trial available. And also if you're interested becoming a face yoga instructor, check my website stay tuned. Thank you so much. See you in the next video bye.
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