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Here are 3 Face Posture® Tips!

Nose Breathing

1. Nose Breathing

Nose breathing has countless health benefits, like filtering and humidifying the air, allowing for better oxygenation of the blood, reducing the risk of infections, and promoting relaxation. It can also help regulate blood pressure and heart rate, improving focus and cognitive function.

correct tongue posture

2. Tongue Posture® aka Mewing

With correct tongue posture (tongue up and flat on the palate), your face is lifted, achieving a defined jawline and reducing double chin. (Mewing 101) With the mouth closed, it is much easier to achieve this position, because when the jaw is down, the chin brings the tongue down.

Teeth Contact

3. Space Between Upper/Lower 🦷

Keep TINY space between upper and lower teeth whenever your face is resting. Touching can create slight tension in the jaw, which, over extended periods, may lead to jaw pain.