KFY Certification

Here is how it works. You will take “Essentials“ and “Advanced“. First, you will be working on “Essentials“.

  1. Print out the worksheet here (the pages saying “E“ on the upper right are for “Essentials“ that you are doing first).
  2. Click here to watch the videos.
  3. Book 5 dates for 4 practices with Koko & an audition here (secure the 5 dates within a week from now, you can reschedule as needed later).
  4. Watch half of the videos and fill out the worksheet.
  5. Do the 1st practice with Koko to review any questions.
  6. Watch the rest of the videos.
  7. Do the 2nd practice with Koko.
  8. Do the 3rd practice with Koko.
  9. Do the 4th practice with Koko.
  10. Do the audition with Koko.

After “Essential“ is done, let’s move on to “Advanced“.

  1. Book 4 dates for 4 review sessions with Koko here (secure the 4 dates within a week since you are done with “Essentials“).
  2. Watch half of the videos and fill out the worksheet.
  3. Do the 1st review session Koko.
  4. Watch the rest of the videos.
  5. Do the 2nd review session with Koko.
  6. Do the 3rd review session with Koko.
  7. Do the 4th review session with Koko.
  8. No audition is required. Join our WhatsApp group for ongoing support and regular meetup zooms.

Ideal ways to take before/after photo

  • Do at night or no window space so there is no natural light
  • Setup light without shadow behind the person
  • No flash
  • Kitchen might be ideal as multiple lights are there, so the person won’t get shadow
  • If you can use zoomable camera, photographer should be as far as possible

Demo products you can use (optional)

  • Mouth, purchasable here.
  • Tongue, purchasable here.
  • Skullton, purchasable here (there is mini here too, although this requires difficult assembly.)
  • Nasal cavity, purchasable here (If you want us to purchase and ship to you, email smile@kokofaceyoga.com We charge US$50 for the arrangement + shipping fee from Japan, in addition to the product cost.)