Koko Hayashi

The Celebrity Face Yoga Expert
(1M+ followers in total)

Born and growing up in Japan where face yoga has been popular for multiple decades, Koko Hayashi started face yoga after her plastic surgery failure at 29 y.o. As she began to seeing results on her face, she started tutorials on her YouTube, and now has more than 1M+ followers in a total of all her social media. Currently, she teaches celebrity clients such as Kim Kardashian, is featured at “Shark Tank“ and runs multiple businesses with 7 figures.

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159,900 followers (indvidual and business)

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  • Shark Tank Square
  • Media Apperances

    • Shark Tank
    • Keeping Up With The Kardasians
    • Magic for Humans (Netflix) and more!
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  • Her Celebrity Fans

    • Kim Kardashian, Kourteny Kardashian & Khloe Kardashian (See her tweet saying "LEGIT".)
    • Steve Harvey and more!

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  • We believe our faces deserve better aging.
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