🌿 Koko's Regenerative Life 🌿

Welcome to Regen., where we extend beyond Face Yoga to embrace a regenerative, holistic lifestyle. Although I've spent years as your Face Yoga coach, I recognize that true health and beauty go beyond just working facial muscles. That's why I've expanded into science-backed strategies such as regenerative medicine and more.

😴 Sleep Challenge

Sleep is a cornerstone of smart aging. Let’s embark on a journey towards better sleep together!


  1. 1 Maica 97
  2. 2 Brian 95
  3. 3 Caitlyn 92
  4. 4 Laura 91
  5. 5 Koko 90

🛌 How to Participate:

  1. Capture Your Score!
    Snap a screenshot of your weekly sleep score, so we can get the average.
  2. Send It Our Way!
    Email your screenshot to 💌 smile@kokofaceyoga.com

🔍 Eligible Devices:

Whether it’s an Apple Watch or Oura Ring, all sleep measurement devices are welcome!