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5 Ways To Fix Your Asymmetrical Mewing

Today I want to talk about asymmetrical mewing and how to fix it. Asymmetrical mewing can cause asymmetrical faces. So if you're trying to create an asymmetrical face, you might want to consider making your mewing more symmetrical. Mewing should be asymmetrical. But if the asymmetry level is worse, it can create an asymmetrical face.

Here are five tips to fix your asymmetrical mewing tongue posture.

1. Original Exercise (OG)

Asymmetrical mewing is a technique that I personally have been using for a long time now and it has been very effective for me. But before we get started with the actual tutorial, I want to give you some quick tips about how to ensure that you're doing this correctly. Asymmetrical mewing is best done when your head is tilted 45 degrees away from your dominant side so that your tongue can rest against your non-dominant side. It's also important to produce enough saliva while doing this—the more saliva, the better! Finally, since asymmetrical mewing involves opening your jaw wide enough to let air pass through it (and hence produce sound), it's important not to overdo it. If you feel like there's too much pressure on your jawbone, then stop right away!

2. Tongue in the Throat Area

I learned this from Keiko, who taught me. She told me about new ideas. So thank you so much. This is the upper teeth and palate. This is your tongue, right? And let's put the tip of the tongue like the throat, back of the mouth, which is like a throat. And then slowly, slowly slide like this. And when you're doing that, let's try to put it 50-50 symmetrical. Not like this, but sliding. Keep the contact with the palate now it's fully flat. Flat 50-50. What do you think? Doing slowly, the slower the better.

3. Place the Tongue on the Sweet Spot

Asymmetrical mewing solution number three is similar to Keiko's method, but it's easier. Actually, this was the one Keiko told me about, but I thought it was easier—but maybe I'm wrong? The key thing to remember with this solution is to place the tip of your tongue on the spot behind your upper teeth, and then slowly slide it outwards toward your front teeth. So here we go, the tip of my tongue on the spot behind my upper teeth. Slowly slide inwards towards my front teeth.

4. Massage

I think Leo is correct. The exercises he described are great for stretching and loosening up the muscles, but I don't think it's necessary to do them on both sides of your body. It just doesn't make sense to massage both sides of the neck, for example. It's not like you have a dominant side and an underachieving side—the muscles are pretty much equal on both sides. So why would you work them out differently? You can use this same logic for all the other exercises he described: they're good if you want to focus on one side of your body more than another (like if you have a dominant arm), but there's really no point in doing them both ways.

5. Stretch

So I'm gonna do the same thing. So you know what? Let's start with stretch number five which is the position of your chin, tongue, and nose. So let's go ahead and try that one first. So what we're going to do is so bring your shoulders back like this, like this, like this. And then bring your chin towards your chest. And then let me see if I can show you what it looks like from the side. You're gonna be looking straight ahead and then just bring your head down until you feel a nice stretch in your neck there. And then slowly swallow without moving anything else in your body except for your tongue, chin, and nose. Now at this point, I think Leo commented on this massage saying that it felt good too so maybe that would work too but I just wanted to show you guys how to do it with stretching because stretching is good too!

So, we've gone through five exercises, and now it's time to see which one works for you.

The first one is OG original face yoga. The second one is tongue in the throat area and slowly slide by keeping 50-50 in the middle center symmetrical mewing. The third one is the opposite place the tip of the tongue behind the upper teeth which is the sweet spot and slowly swallow by trying to maintain 50-50 symmetrically. The fourth one is to massage your dominant side or the sternocleidomastoid or trapezius or could be your neck massage too. And finally, listen to your body: if you have any neck pain, let me know which exercise works best for you!
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