Asymmetrical Tongue Posture Makes Asymmetrical Face | What Is Asymmetrical Tongue Posture?

Asymmetrical Tongue Posture Makes Asymmetrical Face | What Is Asymmetrical Tongue Posture?

Hi everyone! Today I'm going to talk about asymmetrical tongue posture so what is asymmetric of time posture you guys know the importance of time up polite right so if you haven't watched the video my video in the past please check it out because it's so important in summary when your face is resting time should obey up to that up to the polite and then should not be touching the upper teeth a little bit like this is a spot and not like this there's a gap this is bad so you need to flat, flatten here to lift up your skull that's a basic basic tank posture when your face is resting.

But lately I noticed something my tongue is asymmetrical so what do you mean by asymmetrical tongue it's not asymmetrical tongue but asymmetrical tongue posture was my problem and it still is problem but I want to talk about because it's important if you are concerned about asymmetrical face you might be having a symmetrical face eyes it's a symmetrical tongue posture like me so let's keep watching.

Basically so the tongue is here this is upper teeth, lower teeth, right? So it's here, it should be like this that's the ideal but my tongue was like it's like this a little bit to the side and then I'm what's the word, here the side of that the side of the tongue it's hard to see it so let me let me show I got there so hope you guys understand so if it's like this tongue like this I feel more tension like I feel like I'm I'm oppressing here not here but this is bad because then when that happens if the time is it's let's say like this it's not in the center but a little bit tilted and you press hard here so you get more higher and then the other side become lower you get asymmetrical chin as well make sense?

And I haven't still quite figured out how to fix yet but to me I mean the time is connected to neck and the throat and yeah here so it's more like I think you should not really too much worry about that tip of the tongue but worry about pay attention to more back of the tongue should be really pressing in the center to press up so if your face or tongue posture is tilted like this you're pressing more here I mean here like here not in the center so you should be really pay attention to it and it may be tilted like me if that's the case, easier way to fix it to me I need to study more but to me if I do bad posture like this it's so hard to fix it I need impossible if I put your head on your butt and good posture spine straight shoulder down and then tuck your chin a little bit and then I will be able to press both sides equally kind of not figured out not mastered yet but I think that’s the easier fix for me at the moment.

So please check your time I mean tongue is up right now right? There's a gap between tongue and palate like that in then see which which side has more, you feel more lifting up the tongue, I don't know say um you know what I mean right I hope you do know what I mean but if you're if you have asymmetrical tongue posture you know what I mean I was putting more yeah actually I was for the purpose of the explanation gonna follow this one so I was doing like this so having attention more here instead of in the center here so instead of in order to fix that I need to have a good posture chin tuck in them then really trying to know not really care about the tip of the tongue but to care about this lower I mean the back of the tongue should be really touching and pressing up and then I feel like, I feel I can I can equally on the both side press up if I really pay attention to the back of the back of the tongue.

I'm gonna keep trying to make asymmetrical have asymmetrical face, asymmetrical tongue posture from now so I will keep you guys updated and find a good solution of course I'm gonna YouTube here so please stay tuned.

If you interesting in that exercises check my website. It’s far, Koko face @ to free yoga paper and the sugar oil and stay tuned! See you in the next video! Thank you so much! Bye!
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