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DIY Memory Shape To Create Cupid's Bow

The method involves using medical grade tape and skin glue to create the shape of a Cupid's bow on the lips. Apply the tape and glue before bed, holding it in place to create the desired shape. It's important to use clear glue and not speak or laugh while the tape is on. Leave it on overnight to allow the skin and muscles to remember the shape. Give it a try and let me know if it works for you!

If you have a monolid, you may have tried a tool to physically create a double eyelid. You need to use it every day to get a natural shape and remember the shape. Similarly, with this method, you need to repeat it daily to see results. I haven't tested it enough, but I feel good about it.

Quick tip on the tape method avoid pushing down, as it can elongate the filter. Instead, lift up vertically for better results. Also, check out a great comment from rs on achieving fuller lips by positioning them in a fuller position. Remember not to push down, as it may stretch the filter. Try using only the glue part of the tape if it's too hard.


Overall, these techniques can enhance the appearance of lips and create a more defined Cupid's bow. Using tape and clear glue before bed can shape the lips, and maintaining good posture is crucial. Tips for fuller lips and eyelids can also be helpful. Be patient and consistent when using these methods and share your feedback on their effectiveness.
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