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Eliminate Crow's Feet

Today, I'd like to talk about crow's feet in addition to like dryness and loss of collagen, or those things muscle matters for crow's feet as well. So let's move on to three exercises to remove or reduce or stop prevent crow's feet. Let's do it.

1. Lifting up Malaris

This is a great exercise to do in the morning or before you go to bed. It’s called “the crow's feet release,” which is exactly what it sounds like: releasing the muscles in your eyes that make crow’s feet. The first thing you want to do is wink for about 10 seconds. Then, as you're winking and contracting those muscles, lift up the outer side of your eye (not the bottom). You should feel it touch the outside of your eye and then press down on it while still winking. When you release, you should feel a release in the muscle and skin around your eyes!

After doing this once or twice a day for a few weeks, we promise you'll start seeing results fast!

2. Smile Training

Next time you smile, try this: put your fingers on your nostrils and gently press them together. Then slowly smile without wrinkling here on the crow's feet area. Make sure your nostrils stay relaxed. Your tongue should be up at all times—this is how we mew, after all!

When you really smile, your eyes could be smiling too much—they're not going to help if they cause wrinkles in this area. Instead, focus on training yourself to use more of this cheek muscle instead of relying on the crow's feet area of the face. That's it! With a little practice, you'll be able to banish those wrinkles for good!

3. Skin Ironing

If you want to know how to apply eye cream, check out my other videos.

But if you want to add on the cross feet area and then apply a tiny baby stroke in a cross shape, then you're good to go!

Don't stretch the skin too much—you'll end up with more wrinkles that way. You can even see a lot of people doing this, stretching and stretching and stretching, but it's not going to help your crow's feet at all. It's going to make them worse!

So what I recommend is that you avoid stretching as much as possible—especially in the eye areas, where the skin is already very thin. Once you start stretching, it's almost impossible to reverse those effects.

We had a great time today, didn't we? I hope you enjoyed the exercises for crow's feet.

First, we did a new one: pumping up malaris and pressing in at the same time. Then we released it and had good blood circulation and a good release. You can also alternate if you like, but I would like you to feel that pump it up, pump it up otherwise, it's not really a good release.

Then we did smile training: nostrils are not moving and crow's feet are prevented. Then the shoulder tongue is up and then 10 times, then a good smile. Nostril is not changed. Keep it off the finger but keep the good smile.

Finally, eye cream: apply it every day every time you do skincare; same as wrinkles—if they're wrinkles, if they're wrinkled, just iron them! Do it all on a regular basis; it will be very effective if you do it all on a regular basis; if you just do a one time, it won't make any difference at all.

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