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Five Mountain Valley

Today, I'm going to discuss the importance of having five mountain valleys on your face. Specifically, I want to focus on the sagging of excess skin and why having a valley to store it is essential. When the skin has nowhere to be stored, it sags, and this is why having a mountain and valley is crucial. So, let's dive in and explore the five mountain valleys you should have on your face.

1. Double eyelid

The first mountain valley is the double eyelid or a slight curve in the eye area, even for those with monolids. The curve creates a space to store excess skin and fat, preventing sagging. This is especially important for the valley part. Without it, the skin has nowhere to be stored and will sag.

2. Aegyo-sal

This is a Korean term for the little puffy area beneath your lower eyelid that makes you look younger and more awake. In Japanese, we call it a tear bag or tear through bag. It's important to have this mountain and valley on your face because it makes your eye area more defined and awake. By activating the muscle in this area, your entire eye muscle is activated, giving you a lifted and more defined look. Plus, if you have a strong aegyo-sal, it can come up to fill the hollow on your upper eyelid, making your eye look even better. To get aegyo-sal, try doing some lower eyelid exercises. Just lift your lower eyelid up and down, without moving any other area.

3. Cheeks

Cheeks act like mountain valleys and we all want to have them, right? When cheeks are lifted up, everything looks more defined and people tend to pay attention to this area more during a first impression. To achieve this look, check out our video on cheek squats which will help you to strengthen your cheek muscles and achieve fuller and higher cheekbones.

4. Duck lip

The duck lip is often done wrong, as people tend to engage their chin muscle which causes sagging and tension. Instead, focus on activating the upper lip and try the philtrum exercise for the best results. As for the cupid's bow, it's important to have this natural valley because it allows excess skin to fold and be stored properly, preventing the appearance of lines and elongation.

5. Cupid’s bow

I used to have a prominent Cupid's bow, which is why I'm interested in the Cupid's bow method. With a Cupid's bow, excess skin is stored in the valley, preventing lines. Without it, skin becomes flat and lines form. It's important to have a Cupid's bow.


Having five mountain valleys on your face is important to prevent excess skin and sagging. These valleys include the double eyelid, aegyo-sal, cheeks, duck lip, and Cupid's bow. Each mountain and valley plays a role in creating a defined and lifted appearance, and specific exercises can be done to strengthen these areas. Without a valley to store excess skin, it will sag and lines will form. Therefore, it's important to have these natural valleys to maintain a youthful appearance.
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