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Fix eye wrinkles

This text provides three tips to fix eye wrinkles by identifying the cause, massaging the area around the eyes, and establishing a skincare routine that includes a moisturizer and sunscreen. By following these tips, individuals can improve the appearance of wrinkles and achieve a more youthful look.

1. Lost of collagen, elastin and muscles

Eye wrinkles can occur due to loss of collagen, elastin, and muscles around the eyes. To improve the quality of the skin, it is important to consume collagen regularly. Building muscle, especially on the lower eyelid, can help push out the skin and reduce wrinkles. Daily exercise to lift the lower eyelid is recommended. Incorporating these tips into a daily routine can help prevent and reduce eye wrinkles. For more tips, check out other videos.

2. Facial bones

Facial bones can experience osteoporosis just like body bones. This can cause the eye sockets to become smaller and the maxilla to drop if left untreated. However, if caught early enough, the eye sockets can remain the same size and the maxilla can be lifted. Changes in the eye area are especially noticeable because it is such a small area compared to the rest of the face. It's important to maintain good facial posture to prevent these changes from occurring. In other news, there is a Face Olympics event coming up that you can participate in. Also, if you have benefited from Dr. Mew's work on Mewing, please consider helping him keep his dental license.

3. Stop doing bad habit

Avoid bad facial habits that can cause wrinkles. When you smile, relax your nose area and avoid tensing it. When you yawn, touch and relax the area instead of hiding your mouth or making exaggerated facial movements. If you have dry eyes and need to rub them, be gentle and avoid pressing down. Additionally, exercises such as lower eyelid exercises and facial massage can help build muscle and improve skin elasticity. Check out our app for more information and our new pilot feature for asymmetrical face analysis.


These three videos discuss different ways to prevent and reduce eye wrinkles. The first video highlights the importance of consuming collagen and building muscle to improve the quality of the skin. The second video discusses the effects of osteoporosis on facial bones and the importance of good facial posture. The third video emphasizes the need to avoid bad facial habits and incorporate exercises and facial massage into daily routines. For more information and new features, check out the app and Face Olympics event.
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