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How To Stop Asymmetrical Mouth Movement When You Speak

Hi everyone! Today I'm going to talk about my asymmetrical mouth problem and how I fix it not really fixed completely fix it but it's getting better. The reason why I want to do this is that uh that was my concept when I every time I talk I was like I am still that okay always always try to enjoy a little bit done done every time and I knew this problem like two years ago since then I'm really trying to use more so much upper lip instead of showing lower teeth because I used to show a lot a lot of rod of lower teeth without noticing and those were really bad, but thankfully I do things over and I learned and you should not show lower teeth so since like years ago I sent people to super super super duper being a way of showing upper teeth but that was it wasn't helping it was great but still it was lower teeth on this side was showing a lot when I talk so then I didn't know what to do then but I did something and then I kind of that situation it can be coming better in thankfully my follower noticed that I was so happy to see the comment because someone noticed I I knew I knew the problem and I didn't really talk about it because I was trying to fix it but it was getting better and then uh yeah that was the improvement was noticed by my follower so yehey! Thank you so much! I want to talk about how I did it!

Three things I believe that helped to helped fix this problem, asymmetrical problem, number one, is showing the upper teeth, as I said before so always if it is showing upper teeth, up up up you're using really cheek muscle here every time you talk and try not to show lower teeth because there was a showing the lower teeth so that's one thing.

Second thing I notice that the reason why I don't show other or the other thing I show only here which means this muscle is stronger than the other so it's important to relax to relax this muscle because it's really pulling it down down down down but another thing I don't notice is that the reason why I'm doing this is this is I'm chewing this side more than this. I thought I am chewing on the both side but I was wrong I think I think I was chewing this more yeah still now but now it's good that I noticed that bad habit then I can fix it if I don't know the bad habit I cannot fix it right? So people who come to me and then find some bad face posture or something like that but that that's good for you because now you know it you can fix it you can become more beautiful.

One warning even though I know that I should more this side but don't try to chew on the other side only you should you still need to do both sides otherwise you're gonna get this more become dominant you don't want that you want to have both you don't want to have any dominant side so try to do the both even though I know I use more.

Number three, aeiaou, this is a great exercise to kind of learn how to use your facial muscles for speaking and the same thing as similar idea as the upper teeth showing upper teeth when you talk but let's do it, use a finger clean your finger first , hands first because of the corona virus and they just simply touch and then aei when you say aei you feel the cheeks up up up up or up up up I mean to the side or up up up which one if it's like aei… it should be aei always up up up not to the side this is a dominant this is a strong muscle overworking muscle you don't want to overwork the overall muscle when you speak especially say it when you say not e-e-e-e aei and the next is aou I'm exaggerating but it's because this is training but aou.. like make the philtrum this just curl a little bit up try to make the Cupid's bow on purpose with the finger, aou and relax the chin don't show me lower teeth, I'm showing a little bit so that's not good right that's not good example but please try again so aei… aou… so this aeiaou was taught by a Japanese master in Japan because we speak aioeo oh but it's the same thing in in English or maybe in your in your language as well maybe yeah I don't know maybe so even if you don't speak Japanese I think this aeiaou is a great exercise to use more cheek muscle in this upper lip muscle.

As always if your interest in the up exercises visit my website koko to free download this yoga paper and sugar oil and then a book and I'm thinking about recently study new service so we gonna recruit, I need your help so if you're interested in let's do YouTube together so you're gonna show up next to me on zoom or yeah probably zoom z-o-o-m it's like a Skype so we we do web conference in the 15 minutes they're very quick mini session with you because I want to fix your problem, I want to help you and because of this quarantine time I wanna I want to really help you entertain I want to entertain you so if you're interested in joining the YouTube program together please check in the description below so that you can apply and hope to see you there and even if you're not interested in that see you in the next video. Thank you so much! Bye!
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