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Massage Gun To Improve Facial Symmetry

I am currently testing a hypothesis and aim to introduce my thoughts and ideas to you in this YouTube video. I am eager to hear your feedback and thoughts on the subject. Let us explore and research together to see if massage gun can improve the symmetry of our faces, rather than just relaxing or working our facial muscles. So, join me as we delve into this fascinating topic.

To begin, let me explain why I believe this technique may work for improving facial symmetry. I recently completed an online course in Japan to become certified in face adjustment techniques taught by a Japanese master chiropractor. During this course, I learned how to adjust the bone structure to enhance facial symmetry, which I call face adjustment. Through this experience, I gained insight into the mandible, which is the only facial muscle that moves. Asymmetrical movements of the mandible during eating, speaking, or other activities can result in facial asymmetry. Therefore, adjusting the mandible is a critical step in achieving symmetrical facial features. I invite you to touch the edges and indent of your own mandible to understand the concept. It's important to note that some degree of asymmetry is normal and natural, but minimizing it is essential for optimal facial symmetry.

Facial asymmetry issue that they have been addressing using a chiropractic tool called an activator. They have been using it for the past several months and have seen improvements, but still want to achieve better symmetry. They are introducing a new method using a small massage gun to help put their mandibular ball in the right position. They explain that it is important to be careful when using the massage gun as too much pressure can be dangerous. They demonstrate how they use the massage gun, explaining that it is important to relax the facial muscles and keep the upper and lower teeth from touching during the process. They discuss two positions they target with the massage gun to help achieve better symmetry in their face.
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