What Are Muscle Knots In Eyebrows? | How To Find/Break Down Them For Symmetrical Brows, Brow Lift

What Are Muscle Knots In Eyebrows? | How To Find/Break Down Them For Symmetrical Brows, Brow Lift

Hi everyone! Today I'm going to talk about muscle nuts in the eyebrow area. In Japan we call it Cody it happens especially special on the, not eyebrow but, here there's a big rock muscle rock which is called quarry or in English muscle knot, it's happening here right? and actually that same thing the same tiny tiny muscle rock happening on eyebrow area. The reason why this is happening is we accumulate a lot of tension here around here especially inner corner of the eye and inner corner of the eyebrow here like between 11th like around here so that the tension is happening all the time here here in the show creates muscle not around here as well and it's very very important to try to break break down the muscle not around here otherwise you can accumulate more bigger muscle knots like this rock now as it as big as this but the bigger one happening here and then you're gonna get asymmetrical, asymmetrical eyes or eyebrows more angry like this angry eyebrows or could be like a bump this, so this is a forehead right forehead and these are like a little big bump here you see. Mine is not that big but because I'm trying to reduce it but used to be more fuller smooth forehead but now it's like smooth in them bump here this bump is caused by muscle knots and lots of tension with age that increases and I think that bump above eyebrow is one of the hidden one of the ignored ignore the parts that make you look older. People don't realize that people don't really think about it but now some I'm still aware of it I'm every time I see people I kind of check this area and kids don't much have it but older people have it and that makes you look older unconsciously I think and people really don't pay attention but that matters for unconscious impression I think.

Also when you have lots of tension around here and then of course you it's easy to get this 11, 1 to 11 lines between eyebrows so if you wanna get rid of this you need to get rid of, you need to break down the muscle tension in the eyebrow area you know I yeah I think so, and I personally I think this forehead lines or this one does not make you look older as much as you think but this eyebrow thing yeah this can make you look older more than this because this one and this one is when kids have it right and it's not too big deal for me because it's easy to fix but this one is not this muscle rock the what's a little - the muscle knots knots knots I call it rock but knot, this bumpy thing here above the eyebrow I think that's really bothering recently.

So please check your side angle maybe you can take a picture and then check if you have how much bump do you have on both sides, yeah right now I cannot see it but yeah I'm gonna take a picture to check I actually got the clay from Amazon so I'm gonna show you my muscle not it's like this this very very tiny very tiny but it's happening like around here in our and you know here to make things worse actually this is not just one multiple are happening living around here in my case so let's now try to break down the muscle knot. I've been kind of obsessed recently but it's like here you put your finger on that joint use your joint hogwash a tool or and then use the other hand to prevent wrinkle otherwise you might cause wrinkle like this you don't want to do that so a little bit yeah to the side and then print, point to prevent wrinkle and then like yeah I feel it this is so fun and every time I see I teach in people in person I use their hand to let them feel touch the muscle coz it's so fun it's hard to find it but once you find it it's really obvious the big rock like this big rock rock is happening seriously.

In my case it's easy to use dominant hand and dominant eye yeah and then do the other one I have to cross it to when I do the non-dominant one so it's a bit it'd be hard to do maybe this is yeah yeah no I cannot find it now I cannot find it, it's not easy to find how's the beginning oh my gosh I cannot find it so we're gonna use this one. Do you like this like a little bit cool here and then we go oh yeah I lost it it's so hard.

In general I think dominant dominant eyes creates more bigger or multiple muscle not so start with dominant hand and dominant eye because it's easier to find right now join the non-dominant one so it's it's really hard for me to find it, if you cannot find it but you might feel some pain and that's a lot that's a big a lot you got her tension so that's okay even if you don't find that specific muscle knot or the rocks as long as you feel pain some kind of good pain you try to break down the muscle tension which is good yeah I feel I found it yeah the more you break down or not the muscle knots become smaller which is a good sign.

In my next video I'm gonna talk about how to read fashia on eyebrow area which is called aka eyebrow pinching so if you're interested in more to make more fuller forehead and beautiful eyebrows please check it out!Thank you so much! See you in the next video! Bye!
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