12 Bad Habits To Cause Asymmetrical Face

12 Bad Habits To Cause Asymmetrical Face

Hi everyone! Today I'm going to introduce 12 bad habits to contribute to asymmetrical face.

In the past I did a video about 7 bad habits that cause asymmetrical face that was very successful so I wanted to update I wanted add more new bad habits that you should not be doing if you're concerned about asymmetrical face.

Number 1, chewing on one side only, the way I suggest you eat is I call it lift up chewing system, eating system so you get the small bite chew and then break down to smaller pieces ideally equal amounts or similar amount equal is kind of difficult impossible so similar amount on the both side and then to the side I'm in the back of the teeth and then mmm mmm mmm … up up up up up so instead of doing mm mm mm…only this side, that's bad so use both sides as much as possible and yeah and then mm mm mmm.. use your cheeks that's the key.

Number two, poor alignment of teeth, if you're concerned my best way to fix very very important and fundamental tip is time posture, upper teeth, lower teeth this is your tongue so back of the teeth, no, back of the tongue should be really pressing up on that polite that's really key instead of like this and there's a gap between this tongue and the palate not that but really pressing up that's really important for teeth or alignment in addition to face alignment.

Number 3, side sleeping so the best way to sleep is back sleeping which I'm really trying sometimes when I wake up side sleeping I'm back sleeping successfully sometimes when I wake up it's more like a back side sleeping but it's getting better substitute training but anyway the best one is back sleeping if you cannot do that today tonight you sleep on this side tomorrow this side the day after tomorrow and then so alternate the side every night of course it's gonna change when, when you while we're sleeping because yeah that's normal but at least when you're awake when you fall in bed you can you are aware you are still awake so you can change the side and imagine you sleep like six to eight hours per day and every single day you are pressing you having receiving pressure on the same area all the time of course the facial the bone or bone structure will change but facial bones are a little bit weaker than body body muscle structures so money but body bone structures so if you keep doing the same person over and over the face is that change as well yeah easily and another thing is that when you sleep when you do like this and then press on that pillow and then if it's dumb you're gonna get saggy face so press it if you have to do today sleeping press it and then up so press and up a little bit instead of it press and dumb then you gotta get stuck your face so press and a little bit up so that the skin is just a little bit lifted that's another tip.

Number four, crossing legs when you sit down the reason why you feel urge to cross your legs is a you up up your body is imbalanced your body muscle and the bone structures are imbalanced that's why you by crossing your legs you feel like you're kind of fixed or stabilized so the more you do the more imbalanced condition get worse so it's a vicious cycle.

Number five, carrying a bag on one side only only using the dominant side what could be non-dominant but by using only one shoulder all the time it's gonna mess up of course because this is gonna having lots of pressure and no pressure so a body is gonna be spine it's gonna be asymmetrical when the spine is asymmetrical face is it gonna be as symmetrical as well because everything is so connected spine, neck had everything is connected so body posture is so important my suggestion if you have a back that then it's no backpack and then you use one like when you go outside like this and then when you go lunch and you wear it again and use this aside and then 3:00 p.m. this side 4:00 p.m. this side and change that but my ideal best best best is just use the backpack like this so I started using backpack lately and it's being good because this kind of forces me to use to have a good posture it's impossible to do it it's not impossible but it's not easy to have that posture like this if you are having heavy backpack. I always carry computer in my here so it's very heavy because it's heavy it's almost not not like this but you exaggerate like they're so not like this I cannot do this this is hard for me so it forces me to her good posture so if you can, get bag pack.

Number six, tuck neck so straining is bad for neck but because of long use of phone that phone use or computer use or something all the way always in front of screen we are always looking down and receiving so much gravity and the neck is masked when neck is masked this is gonna mask to always try to use the phone not down like this but just a little bit up if it's too up or same height as I hide is kind of too high and it's not easy to continue so just a little bit down is okay but do not tilt the head head straight just only the eye what's the word eyesight, eyeball is down just like 25 or five 33rd degree dumb not to this cannot do that but like this, this will look natural and you can continue for a long time also if you use a computer laptop or something, iPad or something if you put on a desk through this but just try to bring it higher by using cardboard box or there's some equipment to adjust the height height of the computer screen as well.

Number seven, when you're standing you're your one foot has more weight and the other has less weights your not standing imbalanced and that creates more imbalanced body muscle and bone structure.

Number eight, you keep wearing high-heeled shoes all the time the less you wear high-heeled shoe the better because when you're wearing high-heeled shoes, it's so hard to walk in a balance and the muscle and body structure will be masked.

Number nine, you're sitting with the chin in hand so this is better not to do at all but if you have to do just try alternate on the right side and left side so try to use the both side but it's better not to do though because the pressure to the face is not good at all.

Number ten, using your dominant facial muscles only all the time ago for your facial expression for example I sometimes notice people do like huh huh huh huh… always this muscle is moving eyebrows moving and not this one always this one so if you keep using the only dominant or strong strong muscles all the time of course this is gonna work and this overdeveloped and this is gonna not develop right so you're gonna get more asymmetrical face asymmetrical eyes it's much about eyebrows or something so one of the interesting fascia expressing that I notice that people use for asymmetrical face it's just mm-hmm I cannot do that but mm mmm… that's one and also sometimes could be like a like a mm-hmm just a little bit like corners of the mouth it's a little bit but the more interesting one is this eyebrow thing so if you have if you think you might be doing it please be careful.

Number 11, asymmetrical hairstyle, so for example I just changed no but if you keep doing this hairstyle long time and then this is hair and this is there's a eye so this eye is hidden by this hair then you know that this eye is going to sleep this is going to overwork because it's open and easy to use so this gonna be over over work and this is gonna be less working so you're going to develop more muscle here and less muscle here and of course you're gonna get asymmetrical eye usually if this is overwork, or a muscle become shrink smaller because it's the muscle become tense and shorter and tighter not always that case but usually if this is over working this become small artists become this I become bigger so if you don't have if you think you might be doing asymmetrical hairstyle all the time I mean if it's not bothering the eye it doesn't matter it's okay but yeah if it's bothering the eye sometimes please be careful in my suggestion change like today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and then four days later and then change the lines it this is actually important for scalp, let's go because if you keep doing the same this line right you get stop sound damage to this skull all the time you wanna change that so that you don't because you're on a lose the hair if you keep doing this always this line is getting the sound damaged this part becomes them then you're gonna lose hair especially here so it's important to change time to time.

Number twelve, furniture position this is very interesting so let's say if you're the seat I'm sitting in here is my seat but the TV is there on the left side to are my body in my head and everything is tilted to the left side all the time because of the furniture position then my yeah if you keep doing that you're gonna get is asymmetrical body and face as well.

An addition to those twelve bad habits if you're doing any of the 12 habits, if you are doing any of that twelve bad habits that contribute to asymmetrical face please be careful stop doing it from today it's a good reminder to myself as well but in addition I would like you to try to use non-dominant as much as possible that helps body estimate rate which results in symmetrical symmetrical face - so for example when you brush your teeth I always use non use dominant hand when I dry my hair I always use dominant hand but if you can try to use non-dominant hand for brushing teeth or drying or comb your hair or whatever you can open door or anything right in his heart I think it's very hard and it's hard for me so I can't do that but could be I don't know using spoon, fork or whatever you can please try it and that makes difference.

If you're interesting in the other exercises check my website Koko face yoga.com to free download the yoga paper, less it's more enticing book in the sugar oil. Thank you so much for watching! See you in the next video! Bye!
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