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How to keep lips moisturized

Greetings to all of you! On this lovely day, I would like to share some valuable insights on the topic of maintaining the health and hydration of our lips without relying on sticky, chesty balms. As such, I am excited to present to you three exercises and tips that will enable you to keep your lips looking and feeling their best, all day long. So without further ado, let's dive in and explore these useful techniques together!

1. Nose Breathing

Nose breathing is better than mouth breathing because mouth breathing dries out the lips. Moisture and air from the mouth create a repetitive cycle that eventually dries out the lips. Nose breathing can be trained by watching a video on how to clear a stuffy nose or using medical tape to seal the lips. By practicing nose breathing, the lips can stay moist and healthy.

2. Small Lick

Let's make the instructions for the lip small exercise shorter and clearer. The lip small exercise aims to strengthen the muscles underneath the skin to improve moisture, nutrition, and oxygen circulation. Relax by vibrating your lips and then touching your upper and lower lips together. Press them inside your mouth, keeping a small gap between them. Use your fingers to lift the corners of your upper lip slightly up, without touching your teeth. Repeat this exercise once or twice a day to release tension and improve muscle strength.

3. Drinking and Eating Collagen powder

Using collagen powder has made a huge difference in the dryness and chapping of my lips. I add a small amount to my tea every day and have noticed a significant change in the past six months. It's important to find a collagen powder that can be used with hot drinks or meals. It's better to produce moisture from within instead of relying on lip balm, which can create a cycle of dryness. Additionally, nose breathing and small tongue movements can improve lip health. Consider trying face yoga as well.


In conclusion, maintaining moist and healthy lips can be achieved through various simple exercises and practices. Nose breathing can be trained through clearing stuffy noses or using medical tape, while the lip small exercise can strengthen the muscles underneath the skin. Drinking and eating collagen powder can also help produce moisture from within. It's important to find a collagen powder that can be used with hot drinks or meals to avoid a cycle of dryness caused by lip balm. By incorporating these practices and exercises, we can improve our lip health and prevent dryness and chapping.

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